Try Out Some Super Amazing Organic Lip and Cheek Tints This Summer!

Try out some super amazing organic lip and cheek tints this summer

Are you dreading the upcoming summer season? Makeup lovers are well aware of the negative aspects of this sweltering heat. Getting a glam look becomes almost impossible. However, you can go another route and opt for the minimalistic approach. Summer is the perfect season for some beauty experiments. One of them is the highly popular minimalistic approach. Here, you can simply add a few beauty products, and voila! You get a stunning look. The trendiest product of the season is lip & cheek tint.

Why use lip & cheek tint?

One of the emerging beauty trends that have taken the world by storm is the acceptance of lip & cheek tint by makeup lovers. And it is easy to understand why this product is getting so much love. Firstly, the multiple usabilities of the product are a bonus. You can use this tint on your cheeks, lips, and eyes. Isn’t that amazing?

Investing in lip and cheek tints is a great idea. It is affordable and offers multiple uses in one product. If you have to buy products for lip and cheek separately, it would cost way more. Moreover, these products are easily available as most brands have already introduced them.

Apart from that, it also takes up little space in the makeup kit. Now you don’t have to carry numerous items for that dreamy look this summer. If you are on the lookout for the best organic lip and cheek tint, Lotus Organics+ is the best option.

Lip and cheek tints from Lotus Organics+

Lotus Organics+ is a brand dedicated to releasing make-up and skincare products made from 100% organic ingredients. These ingredients are carefully picked and tested to ensure it doesn’t have an untoward effect on your skin. However, it is still advisable to conduct a patch test before applying it all over the face.

If you are eager to get that dewy look, choosing these organic lip and cheek tint products from Lotus Organics+ is a great idea. They are versatile and enhance the natural beauty of your face even more.

Multiple shades to choose from

  •   Juice berry lip & cheek tint

The juice berry lip and cheek tint is made from strawberry seed oil and shea butter. While shea butter enriches the skin, strawberry seed oil offers multiple benefits. The 100% certified organic strawberry seed aids in strengthening the skin barrier. It also provides deep moisturization and prevents the skin from getting too dry.

The oil from the strawberry seed offers protection against the UV rays of the sun. Moreover, this is an excellent choice if you have dry skin. The creamy and soft texture of the tint has already made it a crowd favorite. It also leaves a purplish color upon application. The formula of the tint is such that blending it is extremely easy.

  •   Tangy orange lip & cheek tint

Another beautiful product you can opt for is the tangy orange lip and cheek tint. Made from orange peel oil and shea butter, this product is one of a kind. The shea butter ensures smooth blending of the tint and adds to the soft texture.

The lip and cheek tint is composed of 100% certified organic shea butter, sweet almond, orange peel oil, and olive all. The mixture of these essential oils and herbs aims to moisturize the skin and prevent dryness of the lips. The key ingredient, the orange peel, is known for its antioxidant properties. It assists in slowing down aging and boosts skin clarity. Besides, it also helps in smoothening out uneven skin tones.

  •   Beet red lip & cheek tint

The last product from this category from Lotus Organics+ is the beetroot lip and cheek tint. The tint is made up of shea butter and beetroot oil. With shea butter, the product becomes more blendable. However, the critical ingredient is beetroot oil. Beetroot is known to remove pigmentation, thereby brightening the skin. Besides, it offers hydrating properties and ensures the skin doesn’t get dry.

Apart from that, beetroot also boasts of anti-inflammatory properties. The addition of beetroot oil is an excellent idea. The beetroot lip and cheek tint nourish the skin and adds a dash of red-maroonish hue.

Give your dewy look a glam twist with lip and cheek tint

The summer trend to look out for this year is lip & cheek tint. It can be used on multiple areas of your face and offers that effortless glam look that turns heads right away.

Lotus Organics+ offers an impressive collection of organic lip and cheek tint products. These products are enriched with shea butter and offer a dash of color that lends a glowy natural sheen to the face. The presence of 100% organic ingredients makes these products an excellent addition to your makeup routine. These lip and cheek tints are cruelty, preservatives, and sulfates-free. 

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