Might I Enable You: Episodes 1-2

Could I Enable You: Episodes 1-2

An errand girl for the useless teaming up with an errand boy for the residing equals a wild trip. And if you’ve at any time wondered what a drama this kind of as Resort Del Luna would be like if it was established in a funeral household with non-frightening ghosts, then Might I Support You can fulfill your morbid curiosity.


May I Help You: Episodes 1-2

If I ever appear throughout a ghost, my initially intuition will be to operate and in no way appear again! But which is why I’m not our heroine BAEK DONG-JOO (Hyeri) who is in the enterprise of accomplishing 1 very last favor for the not too long ago deceased so they can relaxation in peace. From exposing their cheating husbands to slapping the ideal pals who betrayed them, Dong-joo faithfully does every thing for her ghost customers.

You’d be expecting that she grew to become a funeral director for the reason that that’s the organic career path for somebody who can see ghosts. But soon after an ankle injuries, the former athlete made the decision that being a funeral director was the next greatest position and her ability to see ghosts arrived afterwards. Dong-joo is not precisely a fan of this ability, and even fled the occupation at the sight of her to start with ghost. But on information from a priest, FATHER MICHAEL (Oh Dae-hwan), she returned to come across out why the means was supplied to her.

Now Dong-joo has a offer (with God? Or whoever gave her the ability) to fulfill particularly 21 ghost requests ahead of she leaves to go after her aspiration occupation as a civil servant — which is what her dad BAEK DAL-SIK (Park Soo-youthful) thinks she’s studying for. Only her greatest close friends YOON SO-RA (the ever delightful Search engine optimisation Hye-gained) and HYUN JUNG-HWA (Ahn Hyun-ho) know that she’s functioning at the funeral house. Now, Dong-joo has 15 ghost requests to go.

Currently being a funeral director is not a glamorous position specifically in a superstitious culture. And when her manager IM IL-SEOB (Tae In-ho) is now made use of to it, Dong-joo’s boyfriend breaks up with her. It is just one point to be a jerk to a person who’s making an honest living, but the boyfriend is also a coward. I considered breaking up in excess of text was negative, but this person really obtained an errand boy to do the breaking up on his behalf!

May I Help You: Episodes 1-2

The errand boy in problem is our male direct BUTLER KIM (Jun) and just like Dong-joo, he’s also in the business enterprise of aiding (residing) people. He runs a Dime a Task company with his uncle and company spouse VINCENT (Lee Kyu-han), and they experienced the coolest entrance scene which I re-watched various situations! From recycling the trash to going for walks canine and swapping out h2o dispensing bottles, Butler Kim is a complete eye sweet executing his perform, and I’ll gladly pay him to do odd positions for me also.

By the way, catching cheating companions is a single of their specialties, and it’s funny how the two the living and the dead involve this particular support. Lol. In essence, the Dime a Career fellas will do something as long as it’s not illegal. But it is not like the nation bumpkin of a police officer SUNG DEOK-HO (Web optimization Hae-ahn) – who lives in their developing — will catch them if they do anyway.

May I Help You: Episodes 1-2

Immediately after their disaster of a very first assembly, Butler Kim meets Dong-joo again in her search for the son of a cab driver ghost (cameo by Ahn Nae-sang, who really should really cease dying in initial episodes). Kim reveals up at the funeral just after currently being employed as a main mourner, and he’s really dedicated to the function. He even has a very similar scar on his arm just like ghost father mentioned about his son, and Dong-joo requires him to be the lacking boy.

Butler Kim denies any relation to the taxi driver, but Dong-joo doesn’t believe that him. Not even soon after he finds the serious son — who, sadly, was the past passenger the cab driver dropped off right before being killed in an off-display screen accident (cameo by the Truck of Doom). Given that father and son essentially observed every other in advance of he died, and with the son last but not least shelling out his final respects to the father, Dong-joo’s ghost requests are now down to 14.

Butler Kim and Dong-joo’s 3rd face is similarly a disaster when they meet up with at the zebra crossing in which he’s on a regular errand to cross the elementary faculty kids. He gets distracted around another round of Denial of the Father and unintentionally collides into Dong-joo’s lunch bag, sending the rice and seaweed soup traveling out on the road. The seaweed is for her birthday which she under no circumstances celebrates because it’s also her mum’s dying anniversary.

Kim gives to compensate for the foodstuff, and Dong-joo is upset that he thinks funds can solve almost everything. Then again, did not he acknowledge cash to go to his have father’s funeral? He fires back that she’s the a single who kicked him in the shin and then paid out him to deliver that to her ex-boyfriend! The bickering duo get into a loud back and forth right in the middle of the road, and I surprise if they comprehend that a man just died at the palms of a Truck of Doom! Sigh.

May I Help You: Episodes 1-2

Anyway, that is the the very least of Butler Kim’s difficulties because the highway argument goes viral and their errand services is faced with a ton of cancellations. How can he impede visitors? What if a child had slipped on the seaweed? It’s a do the job disaster, and Vincent claims Butler Kim is in the erroneous. Kim is then tasked with apologizing to Dong-joo as nicely as refunding the revenue she compensated him to kick her ex. So Kim is just going to get kicked for cost-free? Occupational hazards everywhere.

Kim runs into Dong-joo’s father though on an errand at a making wherever Dad moonlights as a stability guard. He recognizes Dong-joo’s photo on Dad’s cellular phone, and he’s remaining to wonder if they have a lying gene in their spouse and children because Dad tells Dong-joo in excess of the mobile phone that he’s working in his store. And he formerly told Kim that his daughter is at the moment researching for her civil servant exam but Kim knows she’s a funeral director. Lol.

May I Help You: Episodes 1-2

Butler Kim also overhears that it is Dong-joo’s birthday, and while he’s out sharing fliers in a bear costume, he sees her sitting alone in a restaurant. Dong-joo is amazed to see a dancing bear cheering her up outside, and when she sees the scar on his arm she realizes it is Butler Kim. This places her in a very good adequate temper to rejoice her birthday with Dad, and they have cake — which, as we occur to understand, was essentially supplied to Dad by Kim. So sweet!

Dong-joo later on sends a message to Butler Kim that she has forgiven him, and she doesn’t will need a refund. All is partially correct with the globe once again, till he’s employed to clear out a useless man’s possessions. And on opening the man’s closet, he goes into shock when he sees Dong-joo crouched within on an errand of her very own for the man’s ghost. Lol!

May I Help You: Episodes 1-2

This was these a pleasurable opening week and I genuinely appreciated both of those episodes, clichés and all. All the characters are endearing, and they appear like this sort of a riot even if we really don’t know considerably about them nonetheless. I appreciate how Butler Kim and Dong-joo are always assembly in the most hijinks-y of cases, and I just cannot wait around for them to staff up and share trade techniques on how greatest to help the purchasers in their respective realms.

But I’m much more interested in the men and women of Dong-joo’s realm, and why the ghost-observing potential was specified to her — also, Butler Kim appears to know Dong-joo’s first ghost and I marvel what their relationship is. Luckily, none of the ghosts have been scary so much. I hope the drama retains up with its existing lighthearted tempo, and we get extra exciting ghost stories, alternatively than tearjerker kinds, as we rely down to Dong-joo’s last ghost ask for.

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