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ONE’s One-Punch Man has become a global phenomenon. It started as a webcomic for free in 2009. Since then, it has become one of most beloved manga and anime of our time. Fans around the world love watching Saitama’s adventures and although quirky and sometimes outright weird, Saitama has become one of the most popular manga and anime characters of the 21st century. What are the differences? One-Punch Man original webcomic and the manga remake?

The primary difference between the One-Punch Man webcomic and the manga is the quality of the art, which is far superior in the manga. The story is more or less the same, with the manga having a lot of major additions (with ONE’s blessing), but in overall terms of quality and enjoyment, the manga is far superior to the webcomic.

We will continue to expand on what we’ve already covered in the answer. You’re going to get some basic information on the webcomic, as well as the manga, after which we are going to compare the two to tell you more about some specific differences between the two sources of the Saitama’s adventures.

One-Punch Man Webcomic

One-Punch Man Webcomic

The original webcomic began publication in 2009. ONE, the author of the webcomic, self-published the series on the Japanese manga website As of August 2021, the webcomic has a total of 141 published chapters and is still ongoing. In terms of plot, the webcomic is ways ahead of the manga.

One-Punch Man Manga

One-Punch Man Manga

The manga series adaptation drawn by Yūsuke Murata has been published since June 14, 2012 in the web magazine Tonari no Young Jump. The idea for the adaptation started after a Twitter chat from Murata wishing to collaborate with ONE. Outside of Japan, the series is published in North America in the digital magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump Alpha published by VIZ Media. As of December 3, 2021, twenty-four volumes have been published.

One-Punch Man Webcomic Vs. Manga: Differences

In this section, we are going to list and compare the main differences between the original webcomic and the manga, grouped into several categories. The differences aren’t really major, in both cases, it’s still the same work, but they are – at times, at least – significant and they do deserve our attention.


The artwork is probably the biggest and most direct difference between these two works. It’s the main thing you’ll notice, without having to read one line from either the webcomic or the manga. The original webcomic was illustrated by ONE and it looks like this:

One-Punch Man Webcomic Vs. Manga: Differences and Which Is Better?

As you can see, the art style is pretty simple and is far below the standard of Japanese manga publications. You can follow it, it’s not horrible, but if we’re being honest, it looks like something a child would draw and looks more like a vessel for the plot and the dialogues than actual art.

We don’t want to imply that ONE never cared for his art, but it seems that his drawing abilities are limited and while such an approach has its benefits, it’s of a lower quality than what most manga readers are used to. On the other hand, the manga looks like this:


This is just one example of how the manga is different and how great the art is. Written by ONE (or based off on his stories), the One-Punch Man manga has been drawn by Yusuke Murata, a very experienced manga and comic book artist. Murata approached the One-Punch Man manga as one should approach it and elevated the art to a respectable level. This is what a manga should look like and it was truly refreshing to see Saitama and the gang in such a way.


The art is the biggest difference between these two works and the manga definitely wins in this category, as Murata’s art is far superior to anything ONE has ever drawn.


In terms of the plot, there aren’t any major differences, but there are some significant ones. The main source of all of Saitama’s adventures is ONE’s webcomic, but the manga is not only based on that webcomic, it has also expanded the original narrative; in most cases, especially when some major events are concerned, it was done with ONE’s blessing.

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Here are some of the major changes that have been made in the manga (mostly additions, will be noted when something else), when compared to the webcomic:

  • Everything that happened inbetween Saitama karate chopping Garou to Saitama kicking Garou in the wall. Includes the tournament, Metal Bat fights and Elder Centipede.
  • Everything to do with Orochi, the monster cells, his Garou/Saitama fight and Psykos fusion.
  • In the webcomic, there is no Orochi. It was just Garou slowly becoming a monster, but there wasnt Orochi, the Monster King. But in the manga, Yusuke Murata created Orochi, and that was one of the greatest additions to the manga.
  • Blast reveal in Sweet Mask’s flashback, the cube, his suit and appearing for the first time for real.
  • Blast also makes a proper appearance in the storyline, which is a great addition to the plot and something that never happens in the webcomic.
  • In the webcomic, Saitama and Flash never actually meet, but in the manga Saitama and Flash meet and talk.

So, the differences aren’t, as you can see, that big. Sure, the manga has some additional content, but no major changes have been made to the plot. Still, the manga has more depth and some great additions, and you’ll find fans who state that the manga is, in fact, the canon source, while the webcomic is not, but we wouldn’t go that far in this aspect.


In this aspect, there is nothing much to tell, really. The webcomic and the manga follow the same narrative continuity and are part of the same fictional universe. The manga expands on the original webcomic, giving us more details and additions to the plot, but the continuity remains the same and these changes have been made canon thanks to ONE’s blessing.

One-Punch Man Webcomic Vs. Manga: Which Is Better?

Overall, in terms of quality and plot, the manga is superior to the original webcomic. While ONE is a great narrator, he is a poor artist and when you compare the relatively simple art of the webcomic to the artistry of the manga, you’ll know what we are talking about.

In terms of plot, the webcomic remains the main source, but since most of the (major) changes in the manga have been done with ONE’s blessing, the manga can be considered canon as well and if you approach it like that, the plot is simply more entertaining.

One-Punch Man Webcomic Vs. Manga: Differences and Which Is Better?

But, despite the fact that we think the manga is superior, we would advise you to read both. The webcomic is the original source for the plot and it is far ahead in terms of the events; it is a**umed that the manga might catch up to the original webcomic in several years’ time. Also, there is something attractive when the simplicity of the original webcomic is concerned, even when compared to the artistry of the manga, and that is why we keep coming back to it.

Each Difference Between One Punch ManWebcomic & Mangas In Details

Each Difference Between One Punch ManWebcomic & Mangas In Details
  • Chapter 1 Vaccine Man does not fly in the webcomic.
  • Chapter 9 The House of Evolution base is five stories in the webcomic and eight in the manga.
  • Chapter 12 Sonic appears from behind a tree in the webcomic but from a shadow in the manga.
  • Chapter 13 Hammerhead does not destroy the golden poop statue on Zeniru’s building in the webcomic.
  • Chapter 17 Genos takes a punch at Saitama during their spar in the webcomic, but kicks in the manga.
  • The aftereffect of Saitama’s punch is not in the webcomic.
  • Chapter 20 The Kombu Infinity chapter is not in the webcomic.
  • Chapter 21 Genos does not have arms mode in the webcomic.
  • Genos does not put his core into his arm in the webcomic.
  • Chapter 23 In the manga, the Seafolk attack from the shore; in the webcomic, they appear in the city.
  • In the manga, Stinger’s right eye is closed; in the webcomic, it is his left eye.
  • Chapter 25 In the webcomic, Puri-Puri Prisoner and the Deep Sea King punch with their left fists; in the manga, they use their right.
  • The Angel Rush angel wing effect is not in the webcomic.
  • Chapter 26 In the manga, Genos blasts the Deep Sea King with the same arm he hits the monster with; in the webcomic, he punches with his left and shoots with his right.
  • The Deep Sea King punches Sneck into the shelter wall in the manga; in the webcomic, the monster punches the hero slightly into the air.
  • Chapter 36 Boros does not kick Saitama to the moon in the webcomic.
  • Chapter 38 Genos’s fight with G4 after Saitama leaves is not in the webcomic.
  • Chapter 40 G4 does not damage Genos in the webcomic.
  • Chapter 44 The fight between Sweet Mask and Suppon is not in the webcomic.

Chapter 47 is when the manga begins to depart more from the webcomic. Due to the many additions, the following list of differences will be significantly shorter than those in the previous chapters.

  • Chapters 47-78 Manga-original chapters. Chapters 79 and 80 consist mostly of manga-original content as well. These chapters introduce new arcs and fights as well as characters that aren’t found in the webcomic. Notable additions include:
  • The Super Fight and Monster Raid arcs.
  • New monsters. Notable additions include: Monster a**ociation executives Gouketsu, Elder Centipede, Nyan, and the leader of the Monster a**ociation Orochi,
  • The Super Fight contestants and the Council of Swordmasters.
  • The new fights
  • Outside the clothing store: Garou vs. Saitama
  • Metal Bat vs. 2 Tiger-level monsters, then 2 Demon-level monsters,
  • Metal Bat vs. Elder Centipede and Bofoi vs. Elder Centipede,
  • Garou vs. Metal Bat
  • The Super Fight tournament,
  • Haragiri vs. Atomic Samurai
  • Suiryu vs. Gouketsu and Suiryu vs. Bakuzan,
  • Garou vs. Watchdog Man,
  • Speed-o” Sound Sonic vs. Hellfire Flame & Gale Wind
  • Due to copyright issues, Gale Wind, Hellfire Flame, and Do-S replace the webcomic characters Gale, Hellfire, and Goddess Glasses, respectively, in the manga. The webcomic character designs for the manga were taken from other mangakas during ONE’s unemployment. ONE added the ninja background in order to enhance the storyline.
  • Waganma is the primary hostage of the Monster a**ociation in the manga. The kidnapping is planned, while Royal Ripper just happens to kidnap Tareo in the webcomic.
  • These chapters also introduce monster cells, a manga-original item that turns humans into monsters.
  • Chapter 80 In the webcomic, Garou hunts for Death Gatling and fights him one-on-one; in the manga, Death Gatling ambushes Garou. There are many heroes involved in this ambush. Stinger, who was previously under surveillance, is now part of the ambush squad.
  • Chapter 84 In the manga, Phoenix Man and Elder Centipede save Garou instead of Phoenix Man, Senior Centipede, Bug God. This fight introduces some new techniques. This includes Bang and Bomb’s Whirlwind Water Stream Aura Sky Ripping Fist, and Genos’s Super Spiral Incineration Cannon. The chapter also gives more insight into Blast.
  • Chapter 85 In the manga, Sekingar accompanies the Monster a**ociation base raid team. Drive Knight participates in the raid as well, albeit independently. The chief warden of Smelly Lid Prison lets Puri-Puri Prisoner walk out the front gates of the prison, and one of the inmates gives the hero a new hand-knitted sweater. Metal Knight knows where the Monster a**ociation base is located but does not tell Child Emperor. He tells Child Emperor not to blindly trust anyone around him. Narinki sends his private squad to rescue his son Waganma from the Monster a**ociation.
  • Chapter 86 Narinki’s Private Squad is captured and enslaved. Instead of being asked to kill a superhero, Garou is instead asked to kill 100 people like in the webcomic.
  • Chapter 87 Saitama leaves Fubuki to pay the cafe bill before chasing off after Garou, rather than just running after him like in the webcomic.
  • Chapter 88 Garou fights Royal Ripper, Bug God, and Sludge Jellyfish (who replaces Senior Centipede as he was already killed off by Metal Bat). Gyoro Gyoro explains to Phoenix Man how he made Orochi, and how he plans to do the same with Garou. Dr. Genus’s cup features an image of the evolution of humans.
  • Chapter 89 Dr. Kuseno joins Saitama’s hotpot after having managed to ‘befriend’ him by gifting him Top Grade Ultimate Premium Beef. The monsters a**emble at the MA base naturally, instead of being called back by Gyoro-Gyoro’s signal as in the webcomic. The Monster a**ociation has a lot more Demon-level creatures than the webcomic. G5 finds and dismantles the “Metal Knight unit”. We learn more about why some S-Class members are missing. Genos and Bang are excluded by the Hero a**ociation from the raid at the Monster a**ociation base. This is in place of heroes not being able to contact them due to their broken hero phones. As Garou’s body begins to fuse with his clothes, Garou is beginning to evolve.
  • Damn Manga skips the “It’s war” panel.
  • Chapter 90 Select heroes are organized and called to the Hero a**ociation headquarters, rather than the a**ociation taking whoever is available. The Hero a**ociation sends people to accompany King to the headquarters rather than waiting for him. Garou uses Whirlwind iron cutting fiist to defeat Royal Ripper, rather than just smashing his head into the ground. He also eats flesh taken from fodder monsters he kills in order to replenish his energy.
  • This chapter further enhances the character and abilities of the S-Class heroes. It demonstrates how money is not motivating for the heroes and that anyone who is motivated merely by it lacks the courage of facing evil.
  • Chapter 91 Rover’s blast sends Garou crashing through the floors to Gyoro-Gyoro’s room; in the webcomic, he falls through them on his own.
  • Chapter 92 Saitama sends everyone out after the hotpot. He naturally walks into the MA Base and patrols the following day, because he is curious about the source of the noise. In the webcomic Saitama discovers that the ruckus is annoying and heads into base to stop it.
  • Gyoro-Gyoro explains to Garou how monster cells work and details Orochi’s backstory. Gyoro–Gyoro can’t restrain Garou unlike the webcomic. She leaves him at the hands of Orochi which leads to the manga exclusive Garou vs. Orochi fight.
  • Chapters 93-94: Completely manga-original. The support team and Genos’s post Elder Centipede fight upgrade are new additions to the manga. The pre-base entry fights with Evil Eye, Rhino Wrestler, and various other monsters showcase some of the new heroes’ strengths and stress the difference in power between the S-Class heroes and the lower-class heroes. The webcomic shows Saitama leaving his home to visit the MA first, while the rest of the group leaves later. The manga shows that Saitama sends everyone home and the rest of the group refuels at Saitama’s house later. Genos decides not to wait for Saitama back, realizing later that Saitama was part of the base raid described in chapter 106.
  • Chapters 95-107: The webcomic plot is expanded in the manga. Notable additions are:
  • Child Emperor’s prototype weapon Brave Giant
  • Phoenix Man has many buffs. He gains the abilities of Resurrection, Reanimation, and Fire Manipulation.
  • New monsters
  • The new fights
  • Sludge Jellyfish vs. Child Emperor
  • G5 vs. Child Emperor
  • Flashy Flash vs. Gale Wind & Hellfire Flame
  • This fight replaces Flashy Flash vs. Gale or Hellfire in the webcomic.
  • Child Emperor vs. Phoenix Man: Round 2 (after Phoenix Man’s resurrection)
  • Atomic Samurai Disciples vs. Do-S, Narinki’s Private Squad
  • Sweet Mask vs. Do–S and Narinki’s Private Squad
  • Puri-Puri Prisoner vs. Baquma
  • Puri-Puri Prisoner vs. Prisoners of Smelly Lid
  • Puri-Puri Prisoner vs. Nyan
  • Chapter 108 Manga original chapter, a new fight in Saitama vs. Orochi.
  • Chapter 109 – Chapter 115 These chapters see several additions:
    • Gyoro Gyoro locates Orochi’s head.
    • King runs into a beast and kills it by sheer intimidation.
    • Atomic Samurai has 2 new fights: Atomic Samurai and G5. Sword Devil Executioner and Atomic Samurai vs. G5. He also receives a new attack: Focused Atomic Slash.
    • Waganma is saved by Child Emperor, and confronted with Tareo.
    • Sweet Mask introduces and destroys Monster Cell storage tanks.
    • More character buffs
    • Flashy Flash and Saitama have a longer interaction, with Flashy Flash later travelling around in a minecart.
  • Chapters 116 to 120: Manga-original chapters. Nyan defeats the Support Team but is defeated By Drive Knight who arrives at the raid. Blast image, new info; Genos defeats G5, rescues surface and Waganma.
  • Chapter 121-131:
    • Garou meets Darkshine sooner.
    • Flash Freezing Breath, Flash Freezing Breath and Sludge Jellyfish join the fight to save Evil Natural Water.
    • Superalloy darkshine training at a Gravity Room
    • Genos is not with Bang, Bomb, and Fubuki when they first encounter Overgrown Rover.
    • Psykos get new abilities
    • Orochi revives, and merges with Psykos. Psykos seizes control and defeats Tatsumaki.
    • When digging up the base, Tatsumaki creates barriers for all the heroes.
    • Metal Bat, Mumen Rider and the Tank Topper Army join the Blizzard group to a**ist the Monster a**ociation.
  • Chapter 132-138: The webcomic plot is expanded and changed in the manga. Notable additions and modifications include:
    • God gives Psykos power boost.
    • Cadres do not appear on the surface. Genos protects Tatsumaki against the fusion between Psykos, Orochi.
    • More character buffs
    • Flashy Flash and Saitama are the only heroes left.
    • Pig God now saves Iaian and Narinki’s Private Squad.
    • Flashback of Blast by New Amai Mask
    • Puri-Puri Prisoner’s Motivational Speech to Darkshine Happens Earlier
    • Fubuki Fubuki Atomic Samurai Puri-Puri Prisoner, Drive Knight and Superalloy darkshine join forces to fight against the fusion among Psykos, Orochi.
    • Tatsumaki’s flashback about Blast is shown much sooner and Blasts now holds the Mysterious Cube
    • Drive Knight, Atomic Samurai, and Superalloy Darkshine now have new capabilities
    • Saitama finds the Mysterious Cube.
    • Tatsumaki has broken the sword instakill.
    • Flashy Flash, Saitama and Manako meet God and Blast.
  • Chapter 139 – Chapter 147 The battle between the heroes and Monster a**ociation cadres is substantially altered.
    • King saves Tareo, and joins forces with Metal Bat.
    • All the heroes join in the fight simultaneously.
    • Many buffs are available for both heroes and villains.
    • Without the a**istance of Psykos, the cadres wounded Tatsumaki.
    • Superalloy Darkshine is capable of dispersing evil natural water.
    • Fuhrer Ugly rips Gums in two after eating the latter.
      • Fuhrer Fuhrer Ugly ingests Gums’ stomach acids, which gives him new acidic powers that can melt anyone who touches them.
    • The Council of Swordmasters join the battle.
    • The cadres defeat Zombieman and Amai Mask as well as Superalloy Darkshine and other heroes.
    • Fubuki uses healing techniques to save wounded heroes.
    • Garou arrives at Earth much earlier and battles Bomb.
  • Chapter 148
    • Bang and Garou engage in a one-on-one fight.
    • Fuhrer Ugly kills Nichirin, Amahare and Zanbai.
    • Before dying, Nichirin gives Atomic Samurai the Sun Blade, and entrusts him with the task to find the Moon Blade.
    • Fuhrer Ugly angers Black Sperm by calling him life stock, Black Sperm merges his cells into Golden Sperm and then attacks Fuhrer Ugly.
    • Multi Cell Sperm is not part of the manga.

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