Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #393


Anne: My memory these days is seriously lacking. As I am starting off this, I swore that I experienced something attention-grabbing to say about what transpired previous 7 days…but for the life of me, I cannot keep in mind what in the entire world that was. All right…while I’m hoping to keep in mind what my past week was all about…let’s just get appropriate into the shows. Or alternatively…primarily just one clearly show…

Autumn Ballad

We are only 4 more episodes away from the ending! And how lovable was it this week when Liang Yi place the “handcuff” back again onto Qiu Yan’s wrist and his possess? For the most portion, this week’s episodes had a Great deal of “repeat” scenes. Yes, the angst amongst the CP is a whole lot of self sacrifice and letting the other particular person have enough area to develop. I do like the information. Liang Yi is supplying her the liberty to do what she wanted. It is really a really often utilised “separation” sub plot in modern dramas, but it is not as usually used in historic/costume kinds. I do have to say that I was incredibly moved when Liang Yi only broke down when he went again home just after looking at his “wife” off to see the earth. 

And how much do I enjoy his myriad of facial expressions? I’ve explained this in the starting, he has such a good complexity in his expressions in this drama that plainly relates his feelings. Above is the face of a gentleman who just heard that the appreciate of his daily life telling him that she was prepared to destroy herself if she couldn’t withstand the torture. As the audience, I can experience his disbelief, concern, and anger all from this one particular expression.

Qiu Min…geeze whiz woman…even the “act” of aiding her spouse and children was in the end about serving to herself. Does anybody really assume that Qin Xuan would have even assumed about marrying her, if he failed to imagine it was to assist her more mature sister? Liang Yi is reasonably ruthless on his section, recognizing precisely how to create a condition that took Qin Xuan out as his opposition, with Qin Xuan completely eager to do it. Nicely…this kind of didn’t rather close up exactly where Qiu Min desired… (this woman definitely has a really significant mouth…I get it, she nonetheless feels that everyday living is unfair and blaming her more mature sister for not having far better care of her). 

Nicely…the strategy to go off and see the earth failed to previous incredibly long, mainly because Yuan Lang uncovered anyone to assistance him put Liang Yi in a quite sticky situation. For a 2nd, I thought this overall issue was Liang Yi’s system to trap Yuan Lang…that lasted until Tune Jin’s dying. So…four more episodes…

Let’s go away this week’s episode with this previous photograph.

I’m ordinarily not that picky about nonsensical matters in dramas, but this just one…I really don’t know why it bothers me so significantly. Appear on! Have you at any time experienced an arrow shot into your shoulder? The past thing you will be accomplishing is to Snooze on the it! 

But it was really amusing when he continue to faux that his shoulder was not healed just to drag out her getting care of him. Her response was the Most effective! No passive intense habits with this woman. 

Conversing Bones 2

I watched all 12 episodes that have been launched. The crimes are limited tales that span about 2 episodes. It’ not truly like the US collection named Bones, which I genuinely, truly liked. In spite of the identify, the “bone” detecting is just not specifically as in depth as Bones. I do like it because it is just a Chinese “Legislation and Get”, which I have noticed every episode of the primary, SVU, and Legal Intent. So this could possibly not be up to everyone’s taste, but if you like dramas alongside the strains of all the things I have pointed out previously mentioned, you must obtain this really pleasing. 

And now I am finding all the episodes of Conversing Bones, time 1.


And due to the fact I started out on a criminal offense drama binge, I went back and started observing one thing I bookmarked on my Viki previous final year. As opposed to Conversing Bones, this is a considerably much better criminal offense/secret drama. I am only on episode 9, and suitable now, I’m obtaining Music Bai Yu’s character interesting.  And goodness…The ML is tremendous very good seeking. The pace is quite ok, and every criminal offense by some means potential customers to a different crime and additional at the rear of the scenes of some type of around arching conspiracy.

And this is it for this 7 days. Dine with Adore has only released 1 episode 😒

Have a wonderful week anyone!

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