Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #398


Anne: Yet another dull week with a lot of perform went by. Although I did see a horrid sight this past Saturday as I was driving my MIL and my son to their hair slash appointments. If you have ever lived in South Texas, you in all probability have viewed the significant amounts of Oak trees scattered close to. And appropriate now, it can be pollen time. I’m utilized to seeing my car included in a light dusting, or in some cases a major dusting, of yellow. However, driving down a road of oak trees, I discovered a solid wind stirring the trees. Upcoming matter I observed, the whole air outside the house my vehicle (thank goodness I constantly set the air to flow into inside) turned yellow. For everyone with allergic reactions, this was the things of nightmares!

Hoping all people has experienced time to modify to our collective disappointment of Bridgerton season 2. And now, let’s discuss about some of the shows I managed to squeeze in this 7 days.

Decreed by Destiny

I watched all 16 episodes of this very foolish drama. It is undoubtedly not the most effective quality, the modifying surely can use a bit much more do the job, and the plot is total of holes and irrationalities galore. But this is just so engaging… And I am not just talking about the regular exposure of skin. This drama employed every single solitary predictable sexual pressure gadget that you can think of…but I however liked it! 

Ye Rong Er is a princess who has grown up to have so many feminist strategies that she was unmarriable. A condition the she was fully fine with, right up until the Emperor issued an marriage decree for her to marry the Normal. On the other hand, she did not like becoming forced into a relationship and her “to start with” impact of her husband was a lot less than stellar, so she resolved to run away. (Realize that she under no circumstances set eyes on her spouse so she has no notion what he looks like.) Her target is to get a divorce, but she knew that no just one would consider her circumstance. So she resolved that she will want to make her way, by expertise, to write her own divorce decree. And evidently in order to do that, she has to be in the business enterprise of marriage and divorces. I seem at this business as a blend of a relationship broker and a divorce law firm. 

Now in her pursuit of this, she fulfills two guys. A person, is Fang Xian Xun, 

a guy who arrived to “support” her when she was standing up for a new bride being overwhelmed by her groom for the reason that she did not want to marry him. This younger man turned her “pupil” even although she realized pretty effectively that Xian Xun understood significantly much more martial arts then she did. 

The second guy, Lu Ting Xiao, 

she satisfied when she went to sully her very own name, at a male brothel, in get to get rid of suitor. She went to get an individual to enable her “offer” her promiscuous name. 

And Rong Er is like any usual girl, and with two men getting into into her existence pretty much at the same time (and constantly exhibiting way far too much skin for a historical drama), she begin to “fancy” each of them. The whole very first 1/3 of this drama is devoted to teasing the viewers about the risk of a threesome. 

At a person position, when the 3 of them had been certain by their arms, Rong Er’s creativity went wild. She considered about her relationship ceremony

And believed about how they would all have to do a ton of “stuff” alongside one another…

It would be a little awkward…(her thoughts)… And of course, all of this sexual stress involving the 3 sales opportunities are not able to be comprehensive without a shot or two at a likely BL tease.

The boys got drunk and she stripped them for bed, and the still left one was cold, and the a person on the proper claimed “I’ll be our blanket/quilt”. Upcoming morning, they ended up keeping arms… You get the drift.

It’s mild hearted and foolish and at only 30 minutes per episode, completely doable. Now, there are of program solution identities, magic formula missions, and episode 16 ended on a cliff hanger (not for the pair), but far more on the qualifications plot by itself. So I guess there will be a season 2?

Armed service Prosecutor Doberman

We all observed this coming proper? I indicate when the former scene had him quite a lot promising the Standard he will do whichever it normally takes…we all saw this coming. And now a person is outside and a single is inside. I will not know how their phones are not monitored, but hey, that is just me. The two episode a week is killing me however. But this is not as bad as KinnPorsche, there is only 1 episode a week! I am going to will need to  enable this one develop up a little bit prior to I start out.

Legally Romance

It took right until episode 29 prior to Lu Xun lastly admitted defeat and confessed his emotions. And the ONLY reason he did it, not simply because she was heading on blind dates with a bunch of males, but due to the fact he saw Chong Wen strolling into the restaurant with the intent of wooing Qian Wei back again. I have in no way viewed two people extra into about successful then confessing…and it is unhappy that I can completely relate and understand their motivations. I also appreciate the simple fact that there was a betting pool in the office where their co-employees and boss ended up betting to see which 1 would fold very first.

And I do like the explanation about how she managed to “go back again in time”. So close to the conclude!


There is definitely no hesitation in the confession department with this Korean BL drama. It is super limited, with only about 10 minutes for each episode and 11 episodes full. Cha Si Gained is effective incredibly tough on his figure, appears to be and allure, which is significant in the film department. But he just has to fulfill Hyeong Da Un, who is everything he desires to be, without hoping. And to his shock, this perfect boy thinks the Si Received too sweet for phrases. It is cute if everyone is searching for a thing shorter to binge via.

And that is all for this 7 days. Hoping anyone has a excellent week forward…and did any one observe Oath of Adore? I however haven’t designed any development…and I’m not certain why. 

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