Sports Manhwa: Our Top 35+

Sports Manhwa. Are you fed up with the same old stories? You might be ready to make a change in your reading habits. These sports manhwa suggestions will appeal to those who are interested in any type of sport. You’re sure to enjoy this thrilling ride. These were some of the Manhwa that inspired me. You can be a champion in any sport. I’m here to encourage you! Here’s a list with over 36 of the BEST Sportsman Manhwa Ever!

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Top 36 Sports Manhwa

36 sports Manhwa you need to see

36: Gyeoggi 3 Ban 

Gyeoggi 3 Ban 

Action, Sports, Comedy, Mystery, Thriller, Slice of Life

A world in which Korea is the global capital of combat sports. At Nam-Il High School where the best and most talented students of martial arts reside, Jiu Ji-Tae suddenly finds himself thrust into their midst despite being a total weakling.

By neutralizing his physical shortcomings through jiu-jitsu, can he rise to the top of the fight classes?

35: Is This The Korean Wrestling Club?

Is This The Korean Wrestling Club?


Sports a manhwa originally published in 31 volumes between 1998 and 2006. It was authored by Son Eun-ho and illustrated by Choi Myung-su. It tells the tale of two boys, Woo-Soo Choi and Kang-Too Jee, after their souls are accidentally switched into one another’s bodies.

34: Taekwondo Kid 

Taekwondo Kid 

Ihn Kim is an explosive Taekwondo fighter who can throw brutal kicks, but his opponents don’t take him seriously because he’s held back by all the sparring rules. However, changes are coming in the Taekwondo world that just might give Ihn a fighting chance. Can Ihn beat the people who once mocked him and show everyone that his style of Taekwondo is no joke?

33: Monarch


Sports Manhwa. MONARCH is a Manga/Manhwa/Manhua in (English/Raw) language, Action series, english chapters have been translated. Asthmatic patient desperately learns MMA to avenge his brother “Jegal Cheon”, who was a mixed martial arts figher. In order to challenge MMA EMPEROR F.C. Heavyweight World Champion ‘Riber “DARK” Gesseira’. This is the battle story of fighting and defeating countless strong men.

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32: Knuckle Girl 

Knuckle Girl 

Action /Drama

A high school student, a boxer in her spare time, leaves the ring for dark streets. Here she is launched on a manhunt in order to find the one who assaulted and left her little sister for dead. Between delinquents and violent gangs, she will make her fists speak so that the truth comes out. But how far will she be ready to go to take revenge?

31: Night City Asphalt God of Racing 

Night City Asphalt God of Racing 

Action / Comedy / Romance

In order to find out the truth about the accidental death of his elder brother Dong Yehai, college student Higashino Jin came into contact with motorsports subculture in the underground night city and became a racing driver through his own efforts.

30: Her Impact 

Her Impact 


Sports Manhwa. Sadie is the daughter of a legendary boxer, but she’s just a normal office worker and single mom. But when a boy spots her build and her inner spirit, Sadie may find herself following in her father’s footsteps.

29: Golden Waltz 

Golden Waltz 


Sports Manhwa. Ice Dancing: A figure skating event that can be explained by its name, dancing on the ice. Because ice dancing involves two people matching their breathing to dance together, their partner is very important.That’s why they call meeting the best partner a so-called “miracle.” Yoon Hong Joo is uncertain if she would be able to recognize it if it did occur to her. At present, she has her hands full dealing with a partner who is moody and slacks off, that is, until the mysterious Kim Hye Sung comes to her assistance.

28: Soukyuu Boys 

Soukyuu Boys 

Hinezumi High, the only public school, has been in a crisis since it arrived at Inter High four years ago. In an attempt to regain their former glory, they impose a size restriction on club members, under the motto “size equal power”.

27: The Long Way of the Warrior

The Long Way of the Warrior


Synopsis. Jack Fletcher is shipwrecked of the coast of Japan, his Father and the crew of the ship are slaughtered by Ninja pirates. Rescued by a legendary swordsmaster: Masamoto Takeshi, and adopted by him, Jack begins the grueling physical and psychological training needed to become a Samurai.

26: The God of Pro Wrestling

The God of Pro Wrestling

Sports Manhwa.Junho Kim, he loved pro-wrestling more than anyone but he couldn’t escape the racial standards. After his meaningless retirement, while working as a construction worker, he got caught up in an unexpected accident… And after he opened his eyes, he returned to the day before his WWF entrance exam!

25: Boss In School

 Boss In School

Seth Kwon was a born fighter. But due to a promise to his mother, he decided to stop fighting, even in self-defence… Everything changes when his father dies and leaves him with only one message: “Stop getting your ass kicked”

24: Backcourt


David Suh was once known as a basketball genius, but now he works as an employee at a convenience store. One day he receives an unexpected visit from an old friend who offers him a position as a high school basketball coach. David accepts the offer thinking he would make a grand comeback on the court as the coach of a famous high school basketball team. However he soon finds out that he was seriously mistaken.

This is a story about a women’s basketball team that surpassed everyone’s expectation.

23: Base To Base

Base To Base

Sports Manhwa. Sung Moon High is fields one the country’s top 5 high school baseball teams. On the field, players hit hard, run fast, and pull their weight to strive towards victory. Off the field, competition is fierce with students vying for position – and affection.

22: Study Group

Study Group

Yoon Ga Min, a 17-year-old student, is enrolled in a school known to house future criminals. Stuck in a carnivorous environment where only the strongest survive, he has difficulty getting good grades in order to enter a 4-year university.

21: Build Up

Build Up

Sports Manhwa. Maru Kang was just an ordinary kid with ordinary interests, until one day his father forces him to watch a soccer game on TV, sparking an obsession with the sport. Filled with determination, he sets a new goal for himself — to become an amazing soccer player!

20: Wind Breaker

Wind Breaker ( Sports)

Haruka Sakura is the kind of high school student who puts the fight before the revisions. Freshly landed in the city, it is therefore with a smile on his face that he intends to push the doors of Fûrin High School, the school with the worst crime rate in the country…

19: Sports Girl

 Sports Girl


Sports Manhwa. Sweaty woman is beautiful! Martial arts, swimming, cycling, athletics, health, sticky… The girls of exercise and sexy Sports 

18: Golf Star 

Golf Star ( Sports)

David has a dream: To one day, find his parents who had disappeared from his life so many years ago. But to achieve his dream, he’ll have to rely on the wind and a few other friends.

17: The Fighting Monster

The Fighting Monster ( Sports)

Taekwon is fighting to become the best of the CAI but he is sucked into another world… Here is the story of his journey to become the greatest.

16: Top Corner

Top Corner ( Sports)

Anak yang jenius di pelajaran matematika, mencoba untuk bermain sepak bola?! Apakah semua kalkulasinya akan mencetakkan gol untuk timnya?!

15: Attaque

 Attaque ( Sports)

Sports Manhwa. Leesu came from a poor family but he didn’t mind at all not having any money or status. Being the school’s strongest fighter made him feel as if he was on top of the world in his eyes. But alas, a car accident made him lose what was most precious to him; His ability to fight! Craving for his past glorious days he turns to fencing with the hope to regain what he once had?

14: How To Fight

How To Fight ( Sports)


Scrawny high school student Hobin Yoo is probably the last guy you’d expect to star in a NewTube channel that revolves around fighting. But after following some advice from a mysterious NewTube channel, Hobin is soon knocking out guys stronger than him and raking in more money than he could have ever dreamed of. Can Hobin keep this up, or will he eventually meet his match?

13: First Inning Webtoon

First Inning Webtoon ( Sports)

Sports Manhwa. Saitama High School went to the first round of the koshien 36 years ago. Now with Keisuke on the team, the school has another shot at going to the national championship.

12: Sweet Spot

Sweet Spot ( Sports)

Yoon Geon Yeong is the ace pitcher of the Professional League baseball team, Amber Elephants. Since when did he start to notice Punch, the club’s elephant mascot? A mascot’s job is simply to cheer on the players.

11: Green Boy: Shouting To You 

Green Boy: Shouting To You ( Sports)

Jane (Jae-in) is an irrepressible girl who aims to be a champion, and Tae-jin is the innocent boy who loves her. This is the story of their challenges on the road to the championships, and an unlikely summer-time love. Original webcomic

10: The Boxer

The Boxer ( Sports)

Sports Manhwa.Baek-san Ryu is a scum of the worst kind. A small boxing prodigy promised a great future, the young man only 17 years old has never been defeated and takes malicious pleasure in beating the weakest than him.

9: The Keystone Romantic Combination

The Keystone Romantic Combination ( Sports)

“A romantic baseball comedy about a top player and a rising teammate!” After failing and not liking the top baseball player Hyun, the less successful Youngjoon retrieves from working hard on his baseball career. Seven years later, they suddenly run into each other being on the same team.

8: Bullet 6mm

Bullet 6mm ( Sports)

BaekSeul, high school freshman and former soccer ace, was about to confess to her sunbae but ended up becoming a master airsoft player??

7: Swim Classes For A Mermaid

Swim Classes For A Mermaid ( Sports)

Choa is a mermaid who can’t swim! Discouraged, she trades the ocean for a pair of human legs. But when the star of the high school swim team finds out her secret, he offers her the chance to prove her family wrong: free swimming lessons for a mermaid!

6: Punch Road

Punch Road ( Sports)

5: Find The Waves

Sports Manhwa. Kang Pado is a boy who accompanies his father on their countryside farm; raising cattle, fruits, and vegetables for a living. At the same time, he is studying at the not-so-nearby high school which, travelled by land, is 10km away. However, Pado’s father unwittingly mentions to him a shortcut using the river, shortening the distance to only 3km. Being an obedient kid, he takes his father’s advice and swims every day back and forth to the school whenever he has classes. However, circumstances occur when, due to a lack of students in their high school, the administration shuts it down, leaving Kang Pado no choice but to go to Seoul, where his sister lives. There he will continue his high school studies and deal with what Seoul High School Life has to offer!

4: Guard Pass

Guard Pass ( Sports)

Lim Sejun, who likes to eat, is fat and has a large physique. He has high self-esteem and a firm personality that doesn’t even care about being teased for being fat. He has only one friend, ‘Seo Hajin’. She has always been learning Jiujitsu to protect Sejun since childhood. One day, Sejun has trouble with a delinquent in the same class, and Hajin sees it and destroys that delinquent. But one night, Hajin is found severely beaten and suffers from a badly injured knee and more serious psychological trauma. Sejun tries to tell the police, but when the investigation doesn’t make much progress, he can’t control his anger and goes to find the culprit himself, but he’s defeated by the delinquent who learned Jiujitsu and finds nothing. Then he learns Jiujitsu from a man named ‘Jason’ who saved him. Three months later, Sejun, who learned Jiujitsu and lost weight, finds out that a veiled group is involved, and wants to destroy it. 

3: The Long Way Of The Warrior

The Long Way Of The Warrior

Sports Manhwa. In the second half of the 2nd century, Naru, a warrior from the Mahan tribal union of Goguryeo, was sold as a gladiator-slave to the Roman Empire and waged a desperate struggle for freedom.

2: The God Of Pro Wrestling

The God Of Pro Wrestling ( Sports)


Junho Kim, he loved pro-wrestling more than anyone but he couldn’t escape the racial standards. After his meaningless retirement, while working as a construction worker, he got caught up in an unexpected accident… And after he opened his eyes, he returned to the day before his WWF entrance exam! “This time, I won’t end as the villain ‘king-fury’ with a 0.7% success rate!” He returned to his 20s body with all the knowledge he’s worked so hard for and information about the future. He will not repeat his history of being ‘jobber’, the expert at losing. He will rewrite the history of pro wrestling together with the wrestler that will take over the era in the future! To ultimately become the god of pro wrestling, an ‘icon’ of the era!

1: Build Up

Build Up( Sports)

Sports Manhwa. Kang Maru had the chance to watch the Football World Cup live with his father. From the moment the ball was in play, he was in a trans. he couldn’t take his eyes off the players. His eyes were shining, his excitement was rising.
A single thought came to his mind, one day I’ll be playing on that court as a professional football player.

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