Ten Anime Like Kengan Ashura That Fans Are Loving It

Watching WWE matches is one kind of fun but watching the arena in anime with insane fight scenes is completely different. Kengan Ashura is just that kind of anime. In 2019, Netflix adapted an anime from the manga of the same name. The anime received quite good feedback for its memorable characters and well-built action scenes. Kengan Ashura does not stop at the well-built protagonist, Tokita Ouma. Instead, it makes rounds trying to build the characters of different characters too.

The anime does not have much emotional weightage, but the manager-fighter duo makes up for it with their unpredictably well-done interactions. The anime features a series of fights between Ouma and many other fights as Ouma moves wanting to be the strongest. As more episodes progress, we see some epic fights between Ouma and his rivals. We get to see a lot of Martial Arts with a good plot.

Larx Entertainment did a good job in producing this anime. If the anime got you caught up amidst its outstanding action, here are ten more anime that you must watch if you liked Kengan Ashura.

10. God Of High School

Ten anime like Kengan Ashura

God Of High School.

This anime adapted from a manhwa will make its way into any list that is about action, cool fight scenes, and martial arts. God Of High School is a fun and exciting anime about a tournament where high schoolers fight each other to emerge as the winner. As the story progresses, you will see multiple new characters, each with a different set of skills. God of High School might have a lighter setting with a lot of supernatural elements, but it is undoubtedly a very good watch. If you watched Kengan Ashura for its fight scenes, then do not forget to watch God Of High School.

Plot summary:

Jin Mori joins the tournament called God of High school, where he meets Han Dae Wi and Yu Mi Ra. The tournament holds a suspicious vibe, but many people join it, lured by the winning prize. The winner of the tournament will be given whatever they wish for. Jin Mori gets the chance to challenge and fight multiple strong opponents, which makes him very happy. As Jin Mori keeps passing the levels, he meets different opponents; some guided with godly powers.

The tournament is suspicious too. It turns out that the tournament is trying to find the key, someone who can omit the war against Gods that another group of people is trying to ignite.

9. Sakigakke!! Otokojuku

Ten anime like Kengan Ashura

Sakigakke!! Otokojuku

Looking for martial arts but also don’t want to watch something too intense? Sakigakke Otokojuku is just the anime you are thinking about. This is quite an old anime, but its essence has still not worn out. The anime has a simple plot nicely decorated with comedy. However, before you start watching this, here’s a quick warning: the anime has serious violence.

The anime is similar to the Crows manga series, but at the same time, it is not. The anime aired in 1988 under Toei Animation. It has a total of 34 episodes, each running for about 24 minutes.

Plot Summary:

Delinquents who were previously expelled gather in a juvenile school called Otokojuku. Using tough military methods, these students are taught Japanese chivalry. Instead of quiet classrooms, you will find classrooms filled with violence. To survive this mess would mean attaining masculinity.

8. Tenjou Tenge

Tenjou Tenge.

Unlike much other anime on the list, Tenjou Tenge is less intense and more on the fun and ecchi side. If I were to give my views on this anime, I would say it was a complete package of action and comedy. The anime does not get boring. Some character developments keep the viewers interested. The plot is a bit messy, and it strays away from the main plot, but it still manages to grasp the attention of the viewers one or the other way.

The art style is vintage, but it is plenty good too. Other than the involvement of martial arts, Tenjou Tenge is similar to Kengan Ashura in terms of featuring a pair of dynamic duo.

Plot Summary:

The anime centers Souichiro Nagi and Bob Makihara, who have only one dream: to become the strongest fighters in their school. They enroll into Toudou Academy, the toughest school for them to build this reputation. ‘Why?’ you ask? Toudou Academy is no ordinary school. This academy holds its own motive of reviving the old martial arts of Japan.

He meets Masataka Takayanagi and Maya Natsume, two very strong fighters in the school, which ignites a sense of thrill within them. Seeing strong opponents, they feel a thirst to find more about the school and more fighters that the school is harboring.

7. Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

Ten anime like Kengan Ashura

Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple.

Surrounded by the power of love, the anime is undoubtedly one of the best martial arts anime. It has some good to really great moments with exceedingly well-portrayed character development. While the anime has been well made, it misses out a lot from the manga, which is why I would recommend you read the manga too.

Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple brings forth the idea of standing firm on your principles. The anime has a vast form of martial arts, which includes Karate, Ju-Jitsu, Muay Thai, and many more. Being a martial arts anime, it has many well-done fighting scenes too.

Plot Summary:

Kenichi is not physically strong and resorts to reading books. After mustering a lot of courage, he joins the Karate club. Here he is forced to pick a fight with the bully, his senior. He meets his mysterious classmate, Miu Furinji, who he takes a likeness towards. She lives in a dojo, Ryouzanpaku. To prepare for the fight with the bully, he trains at her dojo.

He gets strong enough to defeat the bully, but he ends up being noticed by a gang of delinquents called the Ragnarok. As things get increasingly out of hand, Kenichi decides to learn multiple forms of martial arts to get stronger. When the level of adversity increases, he combines these techniques and makes his form to fight off his rivals.

6. Katanagatari


Katanagatari portrays a different type of martial arts, unlike the ones we have included in the list. Katanagatari specializes in sword arts. I find the art style beautiful, along with the CGI. Katanagatari hits hard at some deaths and will touch you at an emotional level. The anime has a good development of multiple characters that get you attached to them.

Since we are talking about martial arts anime, I would recommend Katanagatari as one of the best things you will watch. It is historic, has wholesome moments and well-choreographed fight scenes.

Plot Summary:

Katanagatari covers the story of Shichika and Togame. Shichika has unique skills. He uses a very rare and powerful technique called Kyotouryuu. The technique uses the wielder’s body as the blade. When Togame suddenly appears in front of him, presenting a mission, Shichika agrees since Togame grabs his interest.

The anime follows the duo’s journey as they look for the twelve swords. However, the mission is not as easy as it sounds, and in every path, there is an unknown obstacle stopping them from completing Togame’s mission.

5. Hokuto no Ken

Ten anime like Kengan Ashura

Hokuto no Ken.

Hokuto no Ken became famous with the “Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru” meme as well as the “Nani??!” meme. The anime has many elements. It has romance, fighting scenes, epic dialogues, and also a post-apocalyptic set-up. The anime should not be avoided if you are really into martial arts anime like Kengan Ashura. Hokuto No Ken’s overpowered protagonist brings forth some juicy plot that will make your heart melt while you get a rush of adrenaline.

Hokuto no Ken is the story of a lover fighting his life out to save his girl.

Plot Summary:

Kenshiro is a warrior in the post-apocalyptic world in the year 19XX. The world is filled with cruelty and justice. When Kenshiro’s fiance is kidnapped by his rival Shin, he sets out to look for her. He sees the helpless tormented by some ravagers on his way. Unable to look away, he protects them in his Hokuto Shinken form. When word spreads, his strength attracts more enemies.

Initially out to rescue his fiance, Kenshiro ends up becoming a messiah for the helpless and weak of their world. He ventures on a journey to end the injustice of the world.

4. Zetsuen No Tempest

Ten anime like Kengan Ashura

Zetsuen no Tempest.

Zetsuen no Tempest is the only anime on the list that has no martial arts. The reason why it makes it here is because of its flawless action. The anime has a nice touch of good, evil and the role of perspective in the determination of what is good or bad. Zetsuen No Tempest gives the viewers an insight into the difficulty of choosing a side when both sides are equally right and equally wrong. The anime deal with the issues surrounding the past and the present and the different ways that people face grief.

The plot is well planned, and although the story does not have too many twists, it still remains interesting till the end. Zetsuen No Tempest is a must-watch for people who have a likeness towards action and also supernatural elements. This anime will definitely be worth your time.

Plot Summary:

Yoshino and Mahiro are two best friends. Yoshino is secretly dating Mahiro’s sister, Aiko. One day when Aiko dies in mysterious ways, Mahiro acts insane and sets out to seek revenge from the one who killed his sister. A month later, Yoshino is attacked by a strange girl, but he is rescued by Mahiro.

Mahiro explains that on his path to revenge, he took the help of Hakaze, a witch. The story reveals two aspects: find Aiko’s killer and reveal the secret behind the ‘Tree Of Exodus.’ When Hakaze is banished, it is up to the two best friends to unravel the truth behind Aiko’s death, all the while trying to stay alive.

3. Fighting Beauty Wulong

Ten anime like Kengan Ashura

Fighting Beauty Wulong.

This is one of those rare anime out there that have a female main protagonist. Most martial arts anime center around young boys or older men. However, Fighting Beauty brings forth the wonderful elements of Kengan Ashura but with a female lead. The anime has very strong characters that are easily loved. The plot too is quite simple but fantastic, and so is the art.

The fighting scenes are very precise and will definitely give you goosebumps at times. Fighting Beauty Wulong is made of a female cast. The rivals are women as well with great strength. To be honest, it felt quite empowering watching an anime with so many strong women.

Plot Summary:

The anime centers around Mao Ran. She is pretty and looks like a normal girl at first glance. However, behind her cute looks, she is actually a Martial Arts expert. She has mastered the Martial Arts of her lineage, the Mao family.

One day, her grandfather tricks her into signing into the Prime Mat, a dangerous and terrifying tournament of women competitors. Having no other option, Mao Ran steps into the Prime Ran to face off stronger and faster opponents. To win, she must undergo vigorous training. As the tournament progresses, the fighting starts to excite her as she starts enjoying it.

2. Hajime no Ippo

Ten anime like Kengan Ashura

Hajime no Ippo.

Hajime no Ippo is a sports anime that any action-loving fan should watch. The anime has a drive of emotions. While the beginning leaves no option other than to connect with the protagonist, the ending helps us watch the power in determination and hard work. The sports anime has multiple fight scenes that leave quite an imprint on the viewers. I would definitely recommend watching this anime about sportsmanship.

Plot Summary:

Ippo is a young boy who is often picked on. Ippo is initially portrayed as a weak character who does not dare to stand up for himself. However, when Takamura Mamoru, a boxer, saves him from some bullies, things start to change for him. He faints, and Takamura takes him to his gym. Once awake, Takamura asks Ippo to punch the photo of one of his bullies.

Ippo is hesitant at first but eventually punches it. He feels ignited by a single punch and gains the confidence to get stronger. He asks Takamura to train, but he refuses. Takamura feels that Ippo does not have the motivation to learn boxing. He puts a condition before Ippo that if he can complete a task within a week, Takamura will train him. Motivated by the punch, Ippo agrees and thus embarks on a journey towards becoming a strong boxer.

1. Grappler Baki

Netflix’s Baki from 2018 is always described as an anime that is very similar to Kengan Ashura. However, Netflix’s adaptation of Baki was rather a failure. However, Grappler Baki from 2001 is one of the most epic Martial Arts anime series known. The anime has very DBZ vibes that make it all the more popular in the anime fandom.

Grappler Baki has many brilliant characters that are overpowered from the beginning. The anime has great reviews from people all over the world for its typical shonen feels along with a lot of mind-blowing action. If you liked Kengan Ashura, this is one anime you will not be able to resist!

Plot Summary:

Baki has a unique plot. While most series center around being the strongest, Baki Hanma’s rival is none other than his own father, Yuuijiro Hanma. Baki trains under his mom since a young age preparing to battle his father. He learns every technique his mother knows. However, one day he acknowledges that it was not enough and sets off to fight other opponents. Here he learns more about Martial Arts and trains himself harder to wait for the day when he will defeat his father with his overwhelming and growing strength.

Action anime has a lot of fans. While most action anime fans loved Kengan Ashura, here is the list of the top ten anime that can be enjoyed by fans of the anime. Martial Arts are a relic of Asian culture, and seeing anime preserve such relics in them is indeed a blessing.

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