‘This Movie Will Modify You’: Urgent Plea For Gun Sanity Has People In Tears


Eleven Movies, the Oregon-centered output enterprise that manufactured the movie, listed the title on YouTube as “WARNING: This online video will improve you.” It demonstrates the aftermath of school shootings heading back again a lot more than two decades, together with intestine-wrenching comments from anguished mothers and fathers as effectively as presidents, athletes, entertainers and media figures.

“This is not a movie,” the text on the display notes. “This is actual existence.”

“No a lot more thoughts and prayers,” the text claims towards the conclusion. “Only motion will preserve our little ones. Only authentic gun reform will restore America’s potential.”

The movie, established to the instrumental monitor “Awaken Dawn,” was considered on Twitter virtually 750,000 situations in its 1st 12 several hours:

Consumers on social media said they were in tears about the movie and took up the call for motion:

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