Top 10 Anime Figures Much better Than A single Punch Person

Saitama, more commonly regarded as Just one-Punch Male, is the protagonist of the manga and anime of the exact identify. Made by Manga artist Just one, Saitama is a parody character created in the graphic of impressive and usual anime people. When you observe an anime, the typical story progresses with the protagonist striving to develop into additional and much more effective so he can lastly reach a goal he so dreams. This story is fully flipped on its head with Saitama. He is presently the strongest man about. Able to get down any sort of enemy with a single punch, Saitama life daily life bored and fatigued of not getting a worthy opponent to acquire on.

In this posting, we will be conversing about some people from unique animes who could possibly acquire down Saitama with their various skills. So, with no dragging it on for also extensive, let’s jump in.


10. Father

Father from FMA

From the lover-beloved anime Fullmetal Alchemist, the quite to start with entry is a horribly strong villain. Father, also acknowledged as Homunculus the Dwarf in The Flash. Father is a highly effective entity who has lived for hundreds of years. He is on this record simply because of many causes. Staying a impressive alchemist, Father can deconstruct Saitama and convert him into molecules of himself with a solitary touch. Also, given that he has so many Philosopher’s stones residing within him, Father is far more or considerably less immortal. This would be a trouble for Saitama to counter as a sheer physical drive, no matter how solid, will nonetheless not be adequate to defeat this monster.

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9. Kenshiro


This legend experienced to be below. Kenshiro is the protagonist of the anime and manga entitled Fist of The North Star. He is a legendary character for his overpowering energy, the line aforementioned, and simply because he’s a entire badass. Kenshiro is a man if there ever was one. He can switch Saitama’s individual attack towards him and use Hokuto Shin Ken. This means that if Saitama goes for a really serious punch to his head, he will stop up accomplishing no damage to Kenshiro. As a substitute, he would listen to the line “Omae was mou shindeiru,” and then feel the wrath of his possess punch in advance of dying.

8. Urahara Kisuke

Urahara Kisuke

From the popular anime Bleach, the amount 8 entry is Urahara Kisuke. Followers may well not know much about him and his mysterious powers but Kisuke is insanely sturdy. With his Bankai Kanonbiraki Benihime Aratame, Kisuke can pull off the exact feats as Father from FMA. He can deconstruct and reconstruct something in his sight at will. What’s more, the man is as well sensible for Saitama. Let’s acknowledge it, Saitama is not all that well known for becoming intelligent. Kisuke could consider up a system, release his Bankai and defeat Saitama with very careful scheduling. It would be no child’s perform but Kisuke absolutely has it in him to pull it off.

7. Rimuru Tempest

Rimuru Tempest

From the collection That Time I Bought Reincarnated as a Slime, we have Rimuru Tempest, a god who can practically do nearly anything. Rimuru can manipulate both time and house. She can manipulate truth and the universe alone. She could would like for a universe without having Saitama and there would be no 1 Punch Guy, to start out with. She could practically erase him out if she desires to. Saitama has no chance towards a literal god and so, Rimuru wins arms down with no even seeking.

6. Saiki Kusuo

Saiki k

From the anime The Disastrous Existence of Saiki K, we have one more god, Saiki himself. Saiki discovers new powers routinely. In addition, just like Saitama, Saiki is also a parody character who looks to use his powers without substantially awareness of them. He can curse folks with undesirable luck, command time and area, command people and their recollections, and probably substantially more. With Saiki obtaining powers beyond the physical realm, Saitama stands no chance. We see him brawl it out versus a lot of villains and gain with his actual physical toughness. But getting pitted in opposition to literal gods, inadequate Saitama would lose in a make a difference of seconds.

5. Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi Suzumiya

From the anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, we have the titular character herself. Haruhi is an additional god-like currently being who has completely no clue about her powers. She can bend and split and reshape the universe to her will. The only trouble is, she does not rather understand it herself. This produces fairly a difficulty with her group which comprises aliens and superhumans. All trying to undo the injury Haruhi does unconsciously. She could also conveniently erase Saitama with imagined and not think about it 2 times.

4. Ryuk

Ryuk and Light

Ryuk with Light Yagami

Absolutely everyone must know about Ryuk, the bored Shinigami from the Dying Observe sequence. Ryuk is the god of loss of life. He possesses the Demise Take note, not a person, but two. One particular that he in a natural way had and a different that he stole to drop to Earth so he could have some fun. 1st off, Saitama would in no way be able to see Ryuk until he touches his loss of life note. If the two are pitted from every other, all Ryuk has to do is write Saitama’s name in his e-book and just like that, Saitama would die without having substantially clarification. He would be surprised, and amazed, and then lifeless.

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3. Goku

Dragon Ball Z Moments

Of course, we had to mention Goku, the legend from the Dragon Ball sequence. Goku can ruin planets and stars. He has labored hard for yrs to produce Ultra Instinct and God Ki approaches. He can basically appear back again from the lifeless to fight again Saitama. The sheer drive involving the two would give us an epic showdown if the combat have been to at any time transpire. But in the conclusion, withstanding all of Saitama’s blows, Goku would stand victorious.

2. The Sage of Six Paths

Sage of Six Paths

At selection 2 we have Hagoromo, the Sage of 6 Paths himself. From well known anime Naruto, Hagoromo is a literal god. He has close to-infinite chakra and has these kinds of versatility that Saitama just just can’t occur near to. Hagoromo can virtually generate inanimate objects and breathe everyday living into them. He can use Izanagi to recreate scenarios. He can exist outside the house of time and place. Saitama stands no opportunity towards a deity who has so significantly energy over and above the actual physical realm. So Hagoromo wins without having concern.

1. Zeno

Zeno DBS

And at amount 1 we have Zeno. The childlike god of various Dragon Ball universes. He has the thoughts and personality of a boy or girl but does not let that fool you. Zeno can wipe out universes without a considered if he’s in a bad temper. Saitama won’t even be ready to get close to this guy. He could wipe out his total universe and not give it a next considered. Zeno wins with no effort.

And these ended up the best 10 figures stronger than Saitama. Did we miss an individual out? Permit us know in the opinions.


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