Dyson Omni-Glide Vacuum Cleaner Review: Much more Manoeuvrability


Dyson’s vacuum cleaners are regarded as to be amid the finest in the planet, and are pretty uncomplicated to use since of their twine-free design, simple dirt disposal methods, and fast swappable fittings. I recently reviewed the major-of-the-line Dyson V11 Complete Pro which is priced at Rs. 52,900, and was pretty amazed with just how impressive and adaptable it is. On the other hand, it is really also big, a bit significant, and rather tricky to shop when not in use. Dyson’s hottest vacuum cleaner in India, the Omni-glide, provides a resolution to individuals challenges, and it really is also a great deal significantly less high-priced.

Priced at Rs. 34,900 in India, the Dyson Omni-glide is substantially a lot more affordable than the V11 Complete Professional, but it’s also fewer potent many thanks to a smaller sized suction motor. Having said that, it promises to make up for this with better manoeuvrability and simplicity of use – it truly is scaled-down and lighter, and has a exclusive omni-directional smooth roller head. Just how excellent is this new vacuum cleaner from Dyson? Come across out in this overview.

dyson omni glide review set Dyson

There are just a handful of vacuum heads and fittings bundled with the Dyson Omni-glide, but these give it adequate flexibility


Dyson Omni-glide design and style

Compared with the considerably greater and extra highly effective V11 Complete Pro, the Dyson Omni-glide isn’t really as huge and weighty. It has a a great deal scaled-down suction motor and dust bin to collect garbage, and a uncomplicated plastic deal with at the again for grip. The vacuum cleaner has a Dyson Hyperdymium motor that has eight ‘Cyclones’, and spins at up to 1,05,000rpm to deliver suction. It just isn’t as potent as the V11 Complete Professional, but it is somewhat perfectly geared up for the dimension and rate. The Omni-glide weighs about 1.9kg.

The layout of the vacuum cleaner’s components is largely the exact as on other Dyson equipment the filter and exhaust vents sit powering the motor, when the dust bin is just in entrance of it. At the top of the tackle is a swap that disengages the battery and allows it slide out you can demand the battery separately from the machine, swap it out fully, or leave it in the Omni-glide to enable it demand although hooked up.

Even though Dyson’s V-collection vacuum cleaners have a trigger to control electrical power, the Omni-glide has a a lot more practical physical ability button, positioned on the take care of just at the rear of the filter. A solitary press turns the Omni-glide on or off, and a 2nd ‘Max’ button situated subsequent to the electric power button turns the suction electric power up or down. This is less difficult to use because you really don’t will need to retain a finger on the cause to operate the product, and also allows you slide the vacuum cleaner into slender openings and access tough-to-access spaces.

The front of the Dyson Omni-glide is the opening for the vacuum suction, and also in which the fittings connect on to the principal gadget. The dust bin is made of transparent plastic to permit you see how considerably filth has accrued inside of. It can be opened and emptied out effortlessly by pressing the red launch button at the bottom and pushing the bin forward. Make absolutely sure you do this over your house dustbin, as this will rapidly and forcefully launch all dirt inside the vacuum cleaner.

dyson omni glide review buttons Dyson

Contrary to Dyson’s V-collection vacuum cleaners which have triggers, the Omni-glide has uncomplicated physical buttons for ability


At the time carried out, you have to force the lid closed and slide the bin again into position till it clicks shut. Usefully, the bin can be completely taken out and washed to clear out finer dust particles that accumulate on the within, and the same can be done with other parts of the system, these types of as the filter and comfortable rollers as perfectly. Do make guaranteed these elements have been correctly dried prior to attaching them again onto the principal system.

Like on the V11 Absolute Pro, the filter on the Dyson Omni-glide is removable and washable underneath a tap. This will will need to be carried out incredibly often, as most huge impurities you should not achieve the filter at all and keep in the bin to be disposed of. Dyson does propose changing the filter every single six months, if you use this vacuum cleaner heavily.

Dyson Omni-glide fittings

Although higher-end and greater Dyson solutions this kind of as the V11 Absolute Professional appear with a ton of fittings that include to their flexibility, the Omni-glide will come in a more compact package with just a handful of accessories. These involve the charging adapter and dock, ‘Wand’ pipe for size and arrive at extension, Worktop software, Blend tool which has a thin nozzle and brush, Mini Motorised Resource for floor cleansing, and Omni-directional Gentle Roller cleaner head, the past of which is exclusive and not out there on any other Dyson vacuum cleaner in India.

The Worktop and Mix equipment are meant to be applied whilst guiding the Omni-glide with your arms, but they can be fixed on to the Wand if needed. The Omni-directional head and Mini Motorised software are intended for ground cleansing, and thus preferably need to have to be applied with the Wand. Like other Dyson products, the fittings – including the Wand – are designed to function only with the Omni-glide and aren’t interchangeable with other styles.

The Wand is all around 47cm very long, but considering that the Omni-glide is lighter and can be held a bit reduce, this is not actually a problem. It lets quick get to to the ground substantial-up areas could be a little bit trickier to attain due to the fact of the duration, although. All of the fittings clip on or off the most important vacuum cleaner easily enough. Charging the machine is also simple you only have to position it on the dock the ideal way up. You can also wall-mount the dock and have the Omni-glide demand whilst hanging in location.

dyson omni glide review omni head Dyson

The omni-directional smooth roller cleaner head is the most essential fitting bundled with the Omni-glide, with four little wheels that allow it glide across the flooring for simplicity of use


As its name indicates, the Omni-directional Comfortable Roller Cleaner head is the most significant fitting that arrives with the Dyson Omni-glide, and functions ideal with the sort and style of this vacuum cleaner. The fitting has two delicate roller heads with carbon fibre filaments, which spin speedily when in use to dislodge dust and dust particles from your ground. The vacuum then pulls that grime in. The rollers can be eradicated for cleaning, and the pipe has ample flexibility to transfer in any of four directions – ahead, backward, remaining, and suitable.

A exclusive but rather basic feature of this vacuum head is its 4 small wheels at the base that make it possible for it to slide and roll with relieve. Simply because of these wheels, the Omni-glide with this particular fitting is in a position to change its angle very easily, arrive at tough corners, and cleanse in just about any path with minimal difficulties.

Dyson Omni-glide efficiency and battery existence

Though the Dyson Omni-glide is considerably from the most strong vacuum cleaner in Dyson’s range in India, it really is absolutely a contender for the title of becoming the least complicated to use. The machine is wire-free and uncomplicated to tackle when cleaning furnishings, floors, or other surfaces, both equally with or with no the Wand attached.

The comparatively small energy also would not suggest the Omni-glide is just not speedy and economical at picking up dirt and other little bits of rubbish from the flooring. The Mini Motorised Device is a little bit smaller sized and greater targeted to pick up grime when transferring in calculated, straight strains, but the Omni-directional Tender Roller Cleaner head is definitely the much easier a person to use for floor cleaning.

The 4 tiny wheels at the base allow me clear massive regions considerably faster than with the V11 Complete Professional even though the Omni-glide isn’t really as strong as the flagship Dyson vacuum cleaner in India, it makes up for this by just gliding alongside the floor and letting you do many sweeps in the same amount of time you’d acquire with the heavier V11 Absolute Professional. It is also not as loud when working with the normal ability location since of the clear variances in ability. On the other hand, the Max mode does make the Omni-glide almost as loud as the V11 Complete Professional.

dyson omni glide review holding Dyson

The Dyson Omni-glide is light-weight, uncomplicated to hold and use, and can get into limited spaces


On the full, I was capable to thoroughly clear the flooring of my 250-sq.-foot living home and eating location in just underneath 10 minutes, which was all-around the exact same total of time it took with the Dyson V11 Absolute Professional. Even so, the Omni-glide was simpler to take care of and lighter on my arm and hands. I usually preferred to use it for swift tasks these kinds of as cleaning little dry spills, or to target compact zones that necessary speedy cleaning.

Whilst the omni-directional vacuum head is greatest suited to clean up challenging flooring, it does a respectable occupation even on carpets. The wheels did not go as freely on the rougher area of my rug, but the tender rollers and carbon fibre bristles managed to dislodge filth effectively enough for the vacuum cleaner to suck up.

Aside from the fittings meant for floor cleaning, the Dyson Omni-glide also will come with two fittings intended for use on higher surfaces, which includes furniture or walls. The Mix instrument is ready to cleanse in narrow spaces and came in specially useful for the gaps involving couch cushions and the seats of my automobile. It even incorporates an adjustable and removable brush which aids with cleaning dusty surfaces. The Worktop tool has a wider mouth and aided when cleansing table-tops and other surfaces on really hard household furniture.

Battery existence is just not specially extraordinary on the Dyson Omni-glide, with the vacuum cleaner working for only all-around 20 minutes for each charge at the ordinary energy environment, and just about 10 minutes at the Max environment. This was just about more than enough to totally clear my 600-square-foot property once about, and much larger households will need to have the vacuum cleaner to be billed in among rooms.

The battery took nearly four hrs to demand fully from empty, so you could possibly want to hold the Omni-glide docked and charging at all periods when not in use, so it is prepared to go when you will need it. The battery daily life also usually means that the Omni-glide is greatest employed for particular cleansing responsibilities this sort of as spills, or to deal with one particular area at a time, considering the fact that the 20-moment operate time could not be plenty of for day to day cleaning of the total dwelling space.


Dyson’s most recent cord-totally free vacuum cleaner in India is not its most highly effective or impressively geared up by far, but the Omni-glide is the most distinctive a single in the firm’s variety for a variety of motives. It’s light and quick on the arms since of the tackle and ability button, and when fitted with the Omni-directional Delicate Roller Cleaner head, it glides effortlessly in excess of really hard floors. I quite liked cleaning my property with the Omni-glide, typically favouring it more than the a lot more highly effective V11 Complete Pro for ground cleaning.

While battery life is regular, and this vacuum cleaner is largely geared all around cleaning tough floors, the Dyson Omni-glide is a handy and immensely beneficial product on the whole. Even so, at Rs. 34,900, it really is continue to a really highly-priced solution that only the most discerning people would even look at investing in.

Ranking: 7/10


  • Compact and really gentle
  • Really straightforward to retain and cleanse
  • Omni-directional head glides alongside hard floors easily
  • More fittings insert some versatility


  • Average battery daily life
  • Highly-priced

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