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There is a common trend among my 3 monkies – Mandarin is clearly not one of their strengths. For that, the wifey and I have to bear most of the blame as we have not been disciplined enough to foster the culture of speaking and learning Mandarin at home in the beginning. So yes, we have to outsource… in the form of enrichment classes which from my experience, can sometimes be a struggle if the child dreads going for the lessons.

Well, not so for LingoAce as Ale found out last year.

Ale first attended Madarin lessons with LingoAce last May (you read about her experience HERE) and she clearly enjoyed the lessons. I followed up with another review a few months later and she was still all enthusiastic anout the lessons. Clearly all good! 😁

In case you haven’t heard about LingoAce, it is an online Mandarin Learning platform which offers authentic, engaging, and effective live Mandarin classes for young learners aged between 3 and 15 years old with flexible class scheduling and personalised 1-to-1 learning methods, complete with engaging multimedia teaching methods.

What sets LingoAce apart from other online enrichment platforms is it strives to create an optimal environment for learning Chinese which appeals to kids and engages them so as not to put them off in learning the language.

And that is something I have absolutely seen in Ale, especially in her attitude when it comes to grasping the language. She does not dread it as much now, and takes it upon herself to revise the subject on her own after the lesson.

Or maybe it’s because she knows it is the make-or-break year for her this year… otherwise known as Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) year! 😅😅😅

Yes, Ale will be taking her PSLE this year – how on earth did time pass so fast??? – so everything in terms of school workload has multiplied this year.

And because LingoAce knows how important the years of Primary 5 and 6 can be, it has has introduced Blended Learning for its Mandarin lessons.

LingoAce’s Blended Learning programme complements Singapore’s Ministry of Education syllabus and school learning. The programme targets to prepare Primary 5 and Primary 6 young learners for examination excellence in their PSLE through honing of examination skills and application of techniques.

This accelerated and immersive program combines face-to-face tutoring with online learning. So there are 2 lessons every week – Ale first attends the 1.5hr Online Class on a weekday and then another 1.5hr Physical Class at LingoAce’s centre in Orchard on a weekend.

Online lessons will be the ‘learn’ phase whereby Ale learns examination skills and techniques for oral, composition, comprehension components.

Did I mention that ALL LingoAce teachers have to attain a minimum of level “2-A” on the Putonghua Proficiency Test before they can teach? Because language accents can differ across countries and within regions in each country, the Putonghua Proficiency Test is an official test that measures native Chinese speakers’ spoken fluency in “Standard Chinese,” including pronunciation, vocabulary and syntax. 

Hence, all LingoAce Teachers have to attain a minimum of level “2-A”, to ensure their students learn to speak Chinese correctly. I had a sneak peek (and listen) while Ale was having her virtual lesson and Ms Zhou Qi certainly made the lesson extremely lively and engaging for her students! 

No wonder Ale was so deeply engrossed in her lesson that she didn’t even bother to shoo me away. LOL.

The physical lessons will be the ‘Apply’ and ‘Relearn’ phases whereby Ale applies the skills and techniques learnt during online lessons and teachers will assess and reinforce the gaps that she has in a small class size setting.

I brought Ale down to LingoAce’s learning centre in Orchard and it was spcious and made so conducive for lessons!

I also managed to sneak a peek during her lesson. This was her first time attending a physical lesson at LingoAce and naturally, she was a little apprehensive (although ‘sian’ was perhaps more apt 😅). 

But she gradually warmed up to the physcial lesson and when it was over, she told me that it was MORE interesting than she had thought so overall, it was pretty okay! 

I think part of the reason for that was the physical class allows for small group discussions which made things less monotonous. In addition, work was being done on the spot with teachers’ supervision for real-time correction and guidance.

So yes, it is the BEST of both worlds to make learning more flexible, interactive, engaging and effective, if you ask me!

Benefits of LingoAce’s Blended Learning Model

– The weekday online lessons allows the child to acquire and assimilate knowledge in digital smart classroom.

– The weekend physical tutorial is held in a small class size setting which will not be intimidating for the child.

– In addition, the weekend physical tutorial allows for homework done on the spot with the teacher’s dedicated supervision for real-time correction and guidance during class.

– The child will receive a detailed and effective diagnosis of the learning challenges and gaps faced by modern learners in non-immersive environments, which the child can use to enhance the Madarin learnign experience.

– The child will also get a breakdown of all answering techniques via a systematic and structured approach that includes structured basics to advanced PSLE exam component skill sets.

Best of all – and this is my fave as a parent – I get to review the virtual lessons together with Ale again via the LingoAce app so that we are able to reinforce the learning points together after each lesson!

In addition, I am able to view the progress and achievements attained by Ale after each virtual lesson so that I can keep track of her learning progress… all just with a few taps on the app!

I can also keep tabs on her participation in class too!  Convenience at its best, in my opinion. 😊

If you have a P5 or P6 child, LingoAce’s Blended Learning Model certainly ticks all the boxes when it comes to preparing them for the upcoming PSLE. The combination of virtual and physical classes enable them to learn and absorb the lessons effectively while maximising the benefits of both mediums.

Interested in letting your child try? You can, and for FREE too!

LingoAce is offering a complimentary LingoAce Trial Class! No registration fee and no deposit required, and you get to schedule the trial class at your convenience.

What you will receive from the trial class:

– A personalized recommendation on the program and teacher most suited to your child’s learning needs and personality.

– Actual live online trial class based on recommended program and teacher.

– A detailed assessment of your child’s will share a report with insights on your child’s strengths and areas to work on.

Also, save up to $2,300+ and receive an additional $50 voucher when you purchase the Blended Learning package before 31 March 2022!


LingoAce March 4-day Holiday Program

Or if you are planning to keep the kiddos entertained in a productive way during the upcoming March school holidays, LingoAce also has a 4-day Holiday Program for kids from preschool and P1 to P6 students! 

Instead of the usual ‘boring’ lessons, LingoAce’s lessons are gamified, scaffolded and aligned with MOE Singapore’s syllabus. Visit HERE for more details and to sign up.

Learning outcomes:


Introduction to Hanyu Pinyin

Learn the consonant, vowel and intonation of Hanyu Pinyin

Learn vocabulary and sentence structures related to 3 themes

P1 – P2: 

Improve oral skills

Learn the vocabulary and sentence structures to describe and articulate the given scenario clearly and coherently.

Answering techniques and guiding templates, unique to LingoAce, will also be taught.

P3 – P6: 

Improve comprehension skills

Learn answering techniques for different question types. Answering steps, unique to LingoAce, will also be taught.

Period: 12 Mar – 20 Mar 2022

No. of classes: 4

Duration: 25min/lesson for Preschool, 55min/lesson for P1-P6

Visit HERE for more details and to sign up!


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